Anthony Lott

Miracles, signs, and wonders follow the ministry of Prophet Anthony Lott and all who come into contact with this devout man of God.

The Spirit of the Breaker

with Prophet Anthony Lott


Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to help those in need, and win as many souls as possible‚Äč.


Follow our Ministry and all who come into contact with this devout man of God


Many people were healed as a result and filled with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost


It was very evident then that this young man had a very unique touch from God

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Prophetic Message

As I completed my time of prayer I clearly heard Father say the following: I shall destroy the idols that they have put before me saith God!! Repent, and hide yourself in me saith Elohim!!! Those who shout, and dance with a defiled tounge, and a perverted spirit stinks in my nostrils saith Yahweh!!! Woe unto the leaders who prophesy lies for continuous material gain!! You shall see, and hear new voices emerge out of this pandemic who will not compromise saith God!!! There’s a remnant that will cry aloud, and spare not. Woe unto the leaders who bash other 5 fold voices because of jealousy, and a spirit of competitiveness. Woe unto those who scatter the sheep, and sleep with the sheep, and manipulate the sheep. Woe unto those individuals who have put their mouth on Yahwehs anointed!!! Those who have left the faith God says he is calling you back to him!!!Build your altar at home saith God!!! Parents gather your children, and teach them how to pray!! To those who are single submit to God until your mate comes, and stop entertaining your flesh with people who God never ordained for you!!! Time is not on our side tik tok tik tok isn’t just an app for dancing, and music but tik tok goes the clock for my son shall return so use your time wisely, and be prepared!!! Preach the gospel to those who are lost, witness to your unsaved loved ones, friends, and co workers. They that live godly shall suffer persecution 2 Timothy 3:12-17. But be encouraged my children for 4 years we shall see a great Revival springforth, and scores of people will come to know Jesus!!! We will see unusual activity take place in outer space, and hear of asteroids moving to, and fro. Many more famous personalities will die, and many of my voices who have completed their assignments in the earth shall die. But a remnant shall arise from the north, south, east, and west in whom I’ve chosen who will operate in miracles, signs, and wonders. Be not deceived when it seems like peace has covered the land, and things have gone back to normal!!! Behold I come quickly Revelation 22:7. Repent and I will forgive you, and save you, and seal you until the day of redemption.

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